Horniest place on the planet today?

Definitely Tokyo.

Robert Pattinson is there with New Moon director Chris Weitz on promotion and Brad Pitt just arrived without the Jolie and the babies sending the Hello Kitties into a lust frenzy from which they may never recover. Here’s the Hello Kitty philosophy: if you scream at them loud enough they will f-ck you.

Twi-Hards believe it too.

Unfortunately it’s been proven again and again to be ineffective, but still they keep trying.

Brad’s had a busy few days. He fell off his bike, than he took his kids trick or treating, and now he’s in Tokyo, not sure why, maybe a new commercial? A lot of his money comes from overseas ads.

As for Angelina, well she stayed home with the kids, and Radar reports that she took The Chosen One Shiloh to The Gap yesterday in Santa Monica. Very domestic. And surprising too. There were no paps.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com and Gettyimages.com