There were rumours last that Brad Pitt might be presenting at the Golden Globes, but his name did not show up on any HFPA press releases. Same goes for Ryan Gosling – and he wasn’t rumoured at all. Brad didn’t walk the carpet. Ryan didn’t walk the carpet. But when the show started, there they were, at The Big Short table, both looking pretty f-cking handsome. And then halfway through the telecast they walked up on stage together to introduce their film. Great. Support your movie. But if the point is to drive interest in your movie, why be so precious about not telling people, the audience, that you’ll be there?

I’m probably more annoyed about this than you are because Brad looks better and fresher* than he has in a long time and after a slump late last year, Ryan has regained form too. The fact that he was not joined by Eva Mendes at the event and that he was in the same room as Rachel McAdams is also distracting most people. Let. It. Go. Why don’t we spend our time fanfic-ing these exciting new friendship? Brange + Mendes/Gosling. Play dates. Adults smoking in the backyard. Eva putting a turban on Angie’s head. Angie showing up in a turban on her next red carpet. I LOVE THIS DREAM. Please dream it with me.

*Better and fresher…until they went up on stage together and stood side by side, at which point next to Ryan’s pale face and white tux, Brad’s face took up all the orange pixels on my television.