I love this story.

US Weekly reports in its new issue that Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf, who are shooting a movie together called The Fury, had to go camping together with 3 other cast members as a bonding exercise. No cell phones. They had to gather food and sleep in tents.

Shia, as we know, doesn’t always play well with others. You put him in some extreme conditions (though temporary) and, well, some sh-t might go down. Did it? What’s great about Shia is that if it did, he’ll tell us about it later. He told us about how he tussled with Tom Hardy on the set of Lawless. And he told us about Alec Baldwin, and if it happened with Pitt, he won’t be able to resist telling us about that too.

I wonder though if Brad’s the kind of dude who’s “man” enough for the Beef, you know? I bet you around Brad, the Beef turns into David Silver. Hi Brad! What are you doing Brad! Brad, Brad! Can we be best friends?


We were just talking about camping at work the other day. I sit in a pod with a few other children of immigrants and when the subject of camping came up, those of us who grew up immigrant all reacted the same – we don’t camp. In my case, in particular, my parents busted their ass to get out of the wilderness. There is no f-cking way I’m voluntarily going back in there. For FUN!? This is crazy.

Ok you can yell at me now about how ignorant I am. My 40th birthday will not be complete without some hate mail, for serious. Please make it creative and vicious. If you think it’s too vicious, it’s not vicious enough.