Couldn’t help it…saw these and had to share the quiveration. Massive quiveration.

Brad Pitt and Miss Zahara bonding in NYC yesterday. SO cute and SO hot. Brad is in fact almost perfect here. The pants, the gait, clearly charmed by his child, the easy relaxed energy he appears to be passing off to his kids even in the most frenzied circus-like of situations – sexiest thing ever. I particularly like the shot of her with ice cream all over her face, and the one where he’s kissing the back of her head. But then again, when he leaves he’s, like, ONLY taking The Chosen One, right?


This if anything is a subtle refutation of that bullsh-t headline.

And of course no Miss Zahara sighting would be complete without a glimpse of her sass - check out that priceless expression as Brad is giving the driver directions. She’s the best, non?