You know what’s trippy? The first time I commented on American Girl it was also in reference to a Brange article. Click here for a refresher. It was just after the Oscars in March and Duana and Michelle took me to the American Girl at The Grove for my first visit. That sh-t is f-cked up.

Sure, there’s a book section. But I’m pretty sure the book section is negated by all the princess dresses for your doll, and the lack of pants, and the “colour” combinations to create your own inanimate likeness, so that you can take it to the DOLL HAIR SALON. Why aren’t there more people put off by this creepiness?

And this is where we found Brad Pitt and his daughter Miss Zahara on Saturday, the same store, invited there for a friend’s birthday party. Where’s the Chosen One Shiloh? She’s probably not allowed at American Girl. For not wearing skirts and cutting her hair short.

But look at the crowd that gathered outside when word spread that he was inside. I mean...

I just want to know, yet again, what the objective is here. By standing outside and screaming his name over and over again, does that mean that when he finally emerges, he’ll be able to locate the crazy bitch who wouldn’t stop yelling and ride her on the spot? Where all this went down is literally just steps from Farmers Market. We had some kick ass guacamole at Farmer’s Market. Wouldn’t you rather have some kick ass guacamole than wait outside an American Girl hoping to eyef-ck Brad Pitt?

I like these shots of him holding Miss Z. Cute.

Photos from and and and Flash City