Brad Pitt at JFK today heading out alone…somewhere. And flying commercial? Not sure but he would not have been so easily photographed if he was using the private jet. As you know, it’s the Brange’s usual travel choice.

So anyway, my husband needs a new suit. He has, like, the WORST WORST WORST style EVER. I may have mentioned this before but it needs to be stressed anew. Lately however even he’s been embarrassed by the contents of his closet. In particular, when we have to go to a wedding or somewhere fancy, he’s always like – sh-t, I look so ghetto.

He totally looks ghetto.

Last night we were walking through the Forum at Caesars and he was musing about what kind of suit to buy for his birthday – April 1st. He’s decided he will finally invest in something timeless and kick ass. So I asked him – well who do you want to look like? Style-wise, I mean. Because the fact of the matter is my husband is built like a clothes hanger. Narrow in the right places, tall but not too tall, good shoulders, no juicy beefers, and very well proportioned. So he can totally wear the pants if he wants to wear the pants.

He thought about it for a few minutes then said Brad Pitt.

Of course.

Because Brad Pitt WEARS his clothes. Even my loser style husband can see this. Even at the airport in a gungy pair of jeans, Brad always WEARS his clothes.

So I explained to the husband: Brad Pitt wears Tom Ford. If you want to look like Brad Pitt you can’t f-ckin’ nickel and dime your way into this suit.

Well how much is a Tom Ford.

For my husband, the best way to explain things financially to him is in golf terms:

At the very, very least a set of top line irons. Maybe a new driver too.

His reaction?

I don’t need Tom Ford.

Cheap f-cker! Every girl I know married a man who cares about clothes. Why couldn't I have married a man who cares about clothes?!? Now I’ll never go to bed with a man in Tom Ford!

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