Brad Pitt was at LAX on Saturday. Some say he was heading to France to check in on their property and the wine. Brange has been quiet lately, on the Hollywood front at least. She’s likely in post for By The Sea and he has yet to confirm his next acting role, although it’s been revealed that he’ll be producing a Lewis and Clark series for HBO with Edward Norton and Tom Hanks. That’s supposed to start shooting this summer. It was reported back in January, however, that Brad was negotiating for the lead role in his wife’s next directorial feature, Africa, about the paleo-archeologist Richard Leakey. Production on Africa is also supposed to begin this summer. Can you imagine? Brad Pitt winning an Oscar under the direction of Angelina Jolie? Maybe that’s the new Brange Plan.

As for By The Sea

I wonder if it’ll be ready for Cannes.

I wonder if that’s the idea. For the Brange to return to the Croisette in a movie about a fractured marriage, walking up those red steps on opening night to present their latest love child. This is the ideal scenario… for EVERYONE.