Brad Pitt was in New York last night with sons Maddox and Pax at the premiere of Megamind. Pitt of course voices the role of Metro Man in the movie. I quite enjoyed the movie actually. Screened it a couple of weeks ago at the junket in LA. It’s funny. At several points we were laughing heartily. I mean, it’s not the most original piece of filmmaking ever for all time, but it’s a good time for adults and for kids. Which is obviously why Pitt decided to bring along his boys. And also because that way it’s harder to make up stories about him cheating or sneaking away to visit Jennifer Aniston on the sly. With the holidays approaching though, and the tabloids eager for some extra juice, I’m sure this is what they’ll be serving for Thanksgiving. It’s almost a guarantee.

While her men were off promoting movies, the Jolie stayed back in Budapest to continue making one. Apparently we have a title now too: United Love Story (according to the entertainment news agency Wenn). So they’re not going for creative flair. And that’s ok too. It’s better than, say, Wild Hope, or I don’t know, A Little Bit of Heaven.

Anyway, Angelina the Director was shooting outside today and gave us a changeup in her wardrobe. Skinny jeans tucked into riding boots. It doesn’t happen often. As you know, the Jolie steeze isn’t terribly exciting. But unadorned, no makeup, without a stylist trailing behind her, and her hair all over the place, these are the times you appreciate That Face. It’s ridiculous.

Photos from and INF