Brad Pitt and David Fincher in Japan at a Benjamin Button presser probably trying to talk about the movie while Hello Kitties just wanted to throw stuffed toys at them and cry. I like the way his sweater fits. And his pants. And his gait. Brad in motion photos are always better than when he’s holding his body still.

Anyway, as you know the Brange arrived yesterday at the airport with all six of their children including the Holy Twins – first clear sighting of the two since they sold the newborn pictures to People last summer. As expected, the images of them in Tokyo caused a frenzy yesterday - Brangelunatics, naturally, were ecstatic, the tabloids scrambled to change their headlines, and the judgy moms jumped all over it! The focus was on Angelina’s allegedly improper use of the baby bjorn. Allegedly because …how the f-ck would I know? I, of course, am not a parent. But those of you who are parents have emailed en masse pointing out that Vivs was strapped in incorrectly? Something about the arms? I don’t know, don’t really care… it’s hard for me to remember those kinds of details, hard for me to process any information that follows the word “baby”. Like, I’m too busy wondering about her sunglasses and the Chosen One’s cute little kicks!

But the judgy moms have judged!

As for the other hot topic – his moustache – apparently Brad said he just completed principle photography for Inglourious Basterds…? So when is it coming off? In fairness to him, it’s probably safe to keep for reshoots. And Tarantino is said to be rushing out the film for Cannes which is in May. He’ll need it then for promotional photos etc too.

If possible though, if he gets the all clear, what’s the best night to debut a clean shave?

Of course.

February 22nd.

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