Brad Pitt was in New York for a couple of days, perhaps for art. Yesterday he was seen at the Whitney Museum. And at one point he agreed to take photos with some fans. Note how he kept his hands in his pockets instead of putting his arms around them? This, for some reason, cracks me up.

Anyway, Brad is now back in LA. Because you know what today is? It’s the Chosen One Shiloh’s 9th birthday. Last year for her birthday they took her to graffiti lessons and skateboarding. We know this because Angelina was promoting Maleficent at the time. This year? No word on a gift yet for their daughter but there are rumours that Brad is buying the Jolie a seaplane that they’ll keep at Chateau Miraval. Probably bullsh-t. But it’s all the Brange we have until we find out whether or not they’re taking By The Sea on the festival circuit. Venice and then TIFF? Hopefully.