Brad Pitt’s $1 million new purchase has just given the bottom feeding rags their new headline next week:

Brad buys art to nurse his heart!

Funny how it works: Brangelunatics have been emailing me lately, begging for reassurance that the Brange is fine. This as a result of the relentless reports coming out of In Touch, Life & Style, Star etc about the rumoured demise of The Relationship.

Curiously enough, none of them bothered to reference these photos and this video from Cannes. One tabloid reported that they had an epic screaming match following the Basterds premiere. Have you seen the footage?

Anyway, People Magazine is now chiming in too. Needless to say, their story is remarkably different from the one told in the other publications.

People’s sources report that Brad and Angelina are tighter than ever. That he visited her last week on set to celebrate her birthday, that they were joking with each other and affectionate, and that at one point, he picked up a little piece of cake and smushed it in her face.


Did he lick it off? In the trailer? Did he smear it everywhere else?

Sorry. I perv.

People also cites sources who insist that Brad and Jennifer Aniston have not been talking, and have not been sneaking around. And they quote Eli Roth, Brad’s co-star in Inglourious Basterds who recounts a story from Cannes at the afterparty when the Brange held court and Angie teased Eli and Brad about their bromance.


The Brange is speaking through People. Which means they want you to think they’re ok. Just like their bank account.

A million dollars on Etappe at the Art Basel art fair in Switzerland. You like?

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