Angelina Jolie filed for divorce on Monday citing last Thursday, September 15 as the date of separation, one day after Brad Pitt allegedly was a mess on a private plane. On Tuesday of this week, news broke that she was asking for sole physical custody of the children. At the time of this post, Brad Pitt has made one statement, expressing sadness about the situation, that he’s focusing on the well-being of his children, asking the press to respect their privacy. Since then, we’ve heard nothing about a legal team and no confirmation about what his own legal response will be to Angelina’s filing. There have been a few sources telling PEOPLE and other outlets that he plans to challenge her for joint custody but now, after allegations of drunken behaviour and abuse have been released, still no indication that he has a plan.

My sources have told me he can’t plan. Because he can't risk coming out strong and indignant and denying the allegations when, well, there might be more receipts. It has now been almost an entire business day of headlines alleging that he was drunk and physical on a private plane with his wife and children. By now, typically, we would have seen a very forceful denial on his part but I’m hearing he has to wait before he can go on the record with anything in case it comes back to hurt him later on. And that decision isn’t in his hands and it’s not even in HER hands right now. More coming.