Arguments for:
-Moneyball, Tree of Life, commercially and critically itΓÇÖs been a really, really strong year, and now theyΓÇÖre talking Oscar nomination. WhoΓÇÖs better at campaigning than the Brange?
-Look at his hustle for Moneyball. HeΓÇÖs been working it harder than he has in a long, long time. This is a sign for him: Brad can taste something, and is willing to bend a lot deeper for it in exchange.
-BradΓÇÖs first SMA came in 1995 during Gwyneth Paltrow. His second came in 2000, just married to Jennifer Aniston. You donΓÇÖt think he wants one for Angelina Jolie?
-ItΓÇÖs been 11 years since his last SMA win. HeΓÇÖs one of 3 and a half 2 time winners (Richard Gere shared it one year with Cindy Crawford). He could be the first 3 time winner. If anyone is to win it 3 times, itΓÇÖs Brad Pitt.

Arguments against:
-The Eternal Triangle
-Sometimes heΓÇÖs just so f-cking smug
-The Eternal Triangle
-The Eternal Triangle and he said mean things about Jen, boo boo!
-Angelina is so skinny
-Why do they keep adopting from other countries??? America! F-ck Yeah!  

Odds: 3 to 1