A sombre Angelina Jolie was in Turkey last week to visit Syrian refugees as part of her work with the UNHCR. It’s not a long flight from Turkey to Malta which is where Brad Pitt was filming and where she was seen with the children last week.

Here’s Brad yesterday continuing to film World War Z in cargo pants and a casual linen up top and, come on, like for real, you’re not all over this look, his look right now? It’s a perfect amount of ruggedness. He never, ever wears a pair of pants badly, and his gait... I know I say this all the time but you people keep fighting me on his steeze, his sexiness, and I need to keep at it – this man is the sh-t! Put aside your team this and team that biases... put it aside and consider it straight on. Hot. We are fighting on it. HOT.

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