It was reported the other day that Angelina Jolie was considering a cameo in an upcoming Ridley Scott movie starring Michael Fassbender called The Counselor. I wrote at the time (click here for a refresher) that it was a tabloid dream come true, driving Michael’s considerable girth between the Jolie and Brad Pitt. Now comes word that Brad Pitt (along with Javier Bardem) has also been approached to join the cast. So... a total cockblock then. I’ll leave you to decide who’s on the receiving end.

If it ends up happening, this would of course be the first onscreen collaboration for the Brange since Mr & Mrs Smith, giving birth to a prolific period in gossip, the smuttiest of triangles, millions of Brangelunatics who send the most delightful hate mail, a Chosen One, and Holy Twins.

Remember when they dirty danced? I’m all about the Brange, you know this. But it was a little fontrummy for me.