Brad Pitt and the Moneyball publicity machine are coming soon. Or, more accurately, the Brange and the Moneyball publicity machine are coming soon. They`ll be coming for TIFF. They will be on the sell all over the place. Because they’re saying Moneyball could be one of those feel-good Fall movies, just in time for the Fall Classic. And, if all goes to hope and plan, perhaps even an award season run.

So it begins. Here he is on the cover of New York Magazine with co-star Jonah Hill. And here’s a shot from the inside pages. Maybe the best Brad Pitt photo shoot in a long, long time. Goddamn he is HOT. SOOOO HOT. And before you start huffing and puffing about it, try first to look at the images without the prism of your bias - about the Jolie, about the hair, about the whatever. Tristan and JD are still in there.

As for the article - it’s all Moneyball only. About the struggle to get the movie made. About how the struggle to make it almost broke Steven Soderbergh (I loved this detail). About how it became an obsession for Pitt. About his thoughts on the great comedic actors on the scene now, a group to which he believes Jonah Hill belongs which... but his weight loss is freaking me out so much, do I just have to get over this?

Click here to read it.

And also attached - Brad continuing to shoot World War Z in Scotland.

Can we go back to hot he looks in NY Magazine?

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