While US Weekly’s cover this week features a re-pregnant Porny, PEOPLE is going with Brad Pitt in advance of the release of his movie Killing Them Softly. And there’s an interview. Two years ago in Cannes, we were told that Brad would no longer be speaking with non-news outlets. Access was restricted to the Ann Currys and the CNNs as opposed to the Access Hollywoods etc, because Brad Pitt projects carry the same gravitas as whatever the President is doing.

That publicity strategy seems to have been relaxed and during his “revealing” discussion with PEOPLE, the focus apparently was on family -- his relationship with his six kids, and of course, when he and “Mama” Angelina Jolie will marry:

"It's been a family type of year, a down-home type of year. Mama's worked more. And quite frankly I've really enjoyed it."

Pitt says fatherhood has enlightened him. That it’s made him less selfish and that the experience "takes you right off yourself”...as he’s reclined in a dress shirt with his tie undone and his hair tousled suggestively and his eyes giving you the sex.

The idea then is that the women of the MiniVan Majority will find this irresistible.

OMG he loves his kids!
OMG he’s devoted to his family!
OMG he wants me to sit on his face!

As for Angelina -- she spent Thanksgiving in Cambodia with Zahara and Shiloh visiting the Jolie-Pitt Foundation headquarters and supporting local businesses. Click here to read more about how she spent her time there.