As reported the other day – click here for a refresher – Brange was in New Orleans this weekend for the Make It Right gala. Bruno Mars was the featured performer. Can you say “no” when Brad Pitt calls you and asks you to perform?

A video from the evening has been posted to YouTube, taken when Brad was called up on stage to join the band…and given a tambourine to work with. He’s game. It’s charity. He’s the host. You can’t be a sucky baby when you’re asking people for money and the whole reason they’d even consider giving it is because you’re famous and you’ve promised to entertain them.

To his credit, he gets right in there. He’s moving. He’s grooving. And at one point, he even gets low. As you know from the awesome impression Taran Killam delivers of Brad on Saturday Night Live, he has a thing with his hands. It’s like he’s always shaking them out. So there’s a lot of that wrist action and he doesn’t head-bob totally like a dad, yet, and mostly I’m just thankful that this video was taken from far away and kinda blurry. Because at this distance, at this resolution, without being able to focus on the finer details, it’s actually not that bad. He might actually have more rhythm than the Jolie, who has no rhythm at all. Dancing could be the one thing she sucks at.