Brad Pitt on the cover of the February issue of W Magazine, well timed for awards season. Of course the most notable part of the interview is about the triangle. Keep feeding the triangle…only unlike Jennifer Aniston, his comments were not inflammatory.

For someone who claims she wants the controversy to go away, labeling what Angelina did “uncool” probably wasn’t the best move. But then again, Jen understands that she can’t exist with the Pitts. It’s not vice versa. Which is why Brad can afford to be much more magnanimous, defending the mother of his children withOUT attacking his ex wife.

When asked about suggestions that he and Angelina became involved during Mr & Mrs Smith and therefore while he was still married to Aniston, Brad clarifies: "What people don't understand is that we filmed ['Mr. & Mrs. Smith'] for a year. We were still filming after Jen [Aniston] and I split up. Even then it doesn't mean that there was some kind of dastardly affair. There wasn't. I'm very proud of the way that it was handled. It was respectful."

As for the never ending reports that they all hate each other, specifically tabloid covers claiming the two women are about to throw down by the end of the week, Brad insists it’s much less salacious and goes out of his way to not only compliment Jennifer but also to stand by her as well, arguing that she never intended to publicly criticise the Jolie, that she was cornered into the situation by the media:

"Listen, man, Jen is a sweetheart. I think she got dragged into that one, and then there's a second round to all that Angie versus Jen. It's so created. We still check in with each other. She was a big part of my life, and me hers. I don't see how there cannot be [that]. That's life, man. That's life."

See? MUCH less controversial than what came from her. And boring too.

Which is why they’ll spin it like this:

Brad still calls Jen and defends her! Angelina feels betrayed!

Next cover of Life & Style, you think?

But enough of this nonsense…

Have you seen Benjamin Button? Did they light him or did they LIGHT him? Particularly in comparison to this magazine cover…