This is the kind of sh-t I love about Hollywood.

Photos were released of Brad Pitt yesterday with a cane. Evidently he's busted his leg. Here comes everyone with a joke about Angelina getting rough with him African jungle styles, ha ha.

But the story's a lot more interesting than sex injuries...

A few blogs picked up the images early and blasted them out. Click here to see. But if you try to access the photos from the agencies now, they're no longer available for sale. Because Brad's lawyers jumped all over the paps, threatening action for privacy issues.  

On this particular set of pictures? So seemingly innocent? And the kids aren't even involved?

You'll recall, earlier this week, the paps shot Brad with son Pax riding sidecar at the grocery - click here for a refresher. Pitt lawyers had no problem with those. No threats, no yelling.

And these are the ones they find offensive?


If they're upset about something, there's always a reason. Brad Pitt is a control freak. And you know how the Brange is about their image.

So...did he not want us to see him leaving the spa? I mean it's just the spa...? What happens at the spa? Well at some spas they do, like, face tweaks. You know maybe a facial here and there. Something non-invasive for sure since he's due in Palm Springs tomorrow for an award. Who wouldn't want a little fresh up in the face before collecting an award? Totally understandable!

Oh but the Brange is supposed to be above all that vanity, you know? Obsessing about appearances is for people like Jennifer Aniston. Brange is much more cerebral. Brange doesn't go to the skin spa! And they have lawyers to help us understand this. 

UPDATE: those photos have now all been pulled down from other blogs, clearly at the request of Brad Pitt’s legal team.