A few people have sent over this article - an interview with Lubov Azria of BCBGMaxAzriaGroup during which she reveals how Angelina Jolie picks her clothes.

"We were going to dress Angelina Jolie and we had a choice of three gowns with us. When we got there, she said she wanted Brad to pick," she said. With other celebrities, "there's usually a staff of 10 people who all have an opinion. He was very decisive. He's an architect and likes geometric things. He chose the dress that everyone thought was backwards, and it was. He likes boatnecks -- that's all she wears."

So it’s his fault. He’s to blame for the green Sister-Wife action she had on at the Golden Globes. You remember it, don’t you? Let’s revisit, just in case you forgot about the time Jolie the Settler looked like she was down with polygamy at the Beverly Hilton.

Ok so we know about the boatneck. But that doesn’t explain her hair. Does he do her hair too? Because it wasn’t just the dress that was so f-cked at the Globes, it was also the two crazy humps coming off each side of her part, flat on top and scraggly everywhere else…

It’s the hair, you know? The hair is where we can “Yeah But” Angelina Jolie.

Do you ever play the “Yeah But” game with yourself vs celebrities?

It’s their job to be beautiful and fit and rich and whatever, right? So of course they’re better looking, thinner, have nicer clothes, skin, nails, all of it, sure. Straight up, even given the same resources, let’s assume that that’s all almost true.

But nothing in life is 100%. There has to be 1%, like one molecule of a thing that you can “yeah but” a celebrity on.


Blake Lively has the best body ever. Blake Lively is superior to me in every way. YEAH BUT, I can enunciate properly.

That’s what “Yeah But” is all about.

Every celebrity has a “Yeah But”. And I can totally “Yeah But” Angelina Jolie on hair. She has me on everything else in life and looks and probably even love, but I could totally take her in a Hair-Off. My Oscar hair could 100% take her Golden Globe hair in a hair-off.

This is a fun new game. Because I’m quite confident most of you would be able to “Yeah But” the Jolie in a Hair-Off too. Send me some photos.

Photos from Jason Merritt/Frazer Harrison/ROBYN BECK/Larry Busacca/Gettyimages.com