Late Friday afternoon TMZ reported that Brad Pitt had filed a response to Angelina Jolie’s divorce petition. You’ll recall – how could you forget? – that she asked for sole custody of their 6 children. And that they’re both currently cooperating with the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services recommendation for temporary custody to Angelina with Brad seeing the kids on supervised visitations. That recommendation was extended a couple of weeks ago and remains in place as of the writing of this post.

Brad was never going to agree to Angelina having sole custody. I’m not sure anyone was expecting him to submit documentation that essentially amounted to him saying, sure, let her have the kids full-time and I’ll just look like an asshole to everyone. So it’s no surprise that he’s asking for joint legal and physical custody. Filing on Friday though is more like how we would have expected them to behave in this situation from the very beginning. It was just before the last weekend of the US election, an election that’s really taken over the headlines not just in news and in politics but even in entertainment and pop culture. Doing so this past weekend then was in the hopes that not many people would be paying attention and that, by today, one day before we find out who will be the next American President, we’d have other sh-t to talk about. For her part, Angelina’s side has also scaled back on the offensive, reaffirming only that her children are her priority. Still, sources for each team maintain that Brange aren’t speaking, that they have completely severed their relationship. Basically no one wants to give the public any hope of a reconciliation. The only hope here is that they can resolve their differences over their children as amicably as possible – and this is the only battle ground here. Neither one is asking for money for legal fees or for lifestyle. And both want to come out of this saving face, although it’s Brad’s face that has to get out there sooner since Allied is coming out soon.

He’s not listed as a participant on the Allied junket. It’s just Marion Cotillard and Robert Zemeckis. And, unlike Angelina, who’s been papped on long lens a couple of times with the kids, he’s been able to stay deep underground. Once this settles though, there are a lot of people who can’t wait to embrace Brad Pitt, to make him part of their circle. Guess who?