Brad Pitt was photographed yesterday on the set of Moneyball, a movie that requires him to be clean shaven with Robert Redford hair. So he can’t hide his pretty. And, you know, for many years, Brad Pitt’s pretty has been the gold standard.

Occasionally I’ll hear from one or two of you bitches declaring that “Brad Pitt has never done it for me, ugh, I just don’t see it” and to you few I say, OK I get it that your quiver is personal but there are some majorities that cannot be denied. And for years, Brad Pitt has been a majority.

He also, at least in my experience, has been the celebrity that people imagine seeing most often. Several times a week I will receive an email from someone who SWEARS up and down they saw Brad Pitt.

Vancouver – Lainey, I’m sure Brad Pitt just passed me on Commercial Drive. He’s SOOOO hot! What is he doing here??? (that day, Brad Pitt was in New Orleans)

Sydney – Please tell me I’m not seeing things, because I think Brad Pitt just left the restaurant I was going in to have dinner. Should I go back inside? (Brad Pitt was not in Australia at the time)

Toronto – Brad Pitt drinking alone at the bar at the Four Seasons. Scruffy in a suit. Wearing sunglasses. Hot. (That day, Brad Pitt was photographed filming in Los Angeles)

And my all time favourite, from a couple of years ago:

Raleigh, North Carolina – I can’t stop shaking Lainey! Brad Pitt just pulled up to the gas station and waited at the pump behind me and said thanks when I pulled away! I talked to Brad Pitt! (Brad Pitt was on location in Germany at the time)

See? He’s imagined every week. It’s fascinating to me. Or maybe he just has a lot of imposters. But how many people look like Brad Pitt? We are not that lucky in this life. And, um, those dudes who tell you that people tell them they look like Brad Pitt need to check themselves.

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