Brad Pitt ring watch

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 9, 2013 17:28:17 January 9, 2013 17:28:17

Still no denial or confirmation about whether or not Brange was married over the holidays in Turks and Caicos. And photographers claim Brad Pitt was hiding his hand yesterday upon arrival at LAX so we wouldn’t be able to see a ring. From what I understand, a lot of it resulted from the local residents themselves. It’s a small place. They’re big stars. You know how it works. One person says to another, I wonder if it’s a wedding!?!, and all of a sudden they’re husband and wife...

So where is Angelina now?

Probably not in LA...

I say this is because it was Miss Zahara’s birthday yesterday and I’m assuming he would have been with the family to celebrate before travelling to LA for work. People’s Choice Awards are tonight. The big star announced to attend is Sandra Bullock because she’s getting a lifetime achievement. I can’t imagine Brad Pitt showing up unless it was that kind of honour, if he’d even accept it from them.

Not that he would ever give a sh-t about my opinion but...I’m ready for him to be clean cut again. Brad is apparently in negotiations to play Pontius Pilate. If so, he’ll have to have it very short then. Unless he wants to mess with the historical aesthetic.


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