Brad Pitt showed up in LA on Friday. He attended the SAG Awards to support his film 12 Years A Slave on Saturday. It was the surging American Hustle that took home the Best Ensemble Award that night. Last night, however, at the Producers Guild Awards, an unprecedented tie: 12 Years A Slave and Gravity both won Best Picture. It’s an important win for both films going into heavy campaign season. And 12 Years definitely needed it. 12 Years needed Brad Pitt to get to work.

And for 48 hours, he worked. He worked the room at the SAGs, catching up with old friends – Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Jerry Weintraub. He worked at the PGAs up on stage, testing out what might be an Oscar speech. Might. The Producers Guild tie officially confirms that this race is tighter than it’s been in a long time, maybe ever. Which means that the right work can make the right difference. It means that Brad Pitt can do more. Brange can do more. Brange needs to do more.

Next week, I guess.

Because Brad was on a plane right away back to Sydney to see Angelina and the kids. The Directors Guild Awards are next week, also a very, very reliable predictor of Oscar. It’s a long way to travel back and forth and back and forth. But for this film, especially for this film, it has to be worth it.