I’ve described this to you before – Brad Pitt’s walk and talk red carpet signature move. He doesn’t stop. He’s like the US President before the State of the union, when the double doors open and he’s shaking hands and pointing at his friends and greeting people but he keeps moving…

That’s how Brad Pitt normally works a carpet. He almost never stops at each outlet for a proper interview that lasts more than one question. On Friday night, however, Brad Pitt brought out his best sales pitch. Every major outlet was granted some valuable time, including etalk. We got off 4 questions from him. FOUR QUESTIONS on a red carpet?!? With Brad Pitt? It’s almost unheard of. But Brad Pitt believes in 12 Years A Slave. And, as a producer on the film, he could go all the way to Argo, like George Clooney, with 12 Years A Slave. So he made the media fall in love with him. They were madly in love with him. Because he made their job easy. Because he gave them all something to take back to the station.

Pitt exited out the back of the theatre and didn’t stay for the entire screening. He was generous with fans who were waiting there. Later on there was a private dinner, very exclusive, very small, like maybe 25 people, at Hudson Kitchen. And then Brad Pitt hit up the Thompson Hotel rooftop, which was not closed to the public, and hung out with Michael Fassbender. He had security with him, sure, but this did not turn into a Justin Bieber situation. There was no drama. No one was punched. No one was pushed. He was friendly to people who approached – several men auditioning to be his new best friend – and he and Fassbender were able to enjoy their bromantic time together that included some serious conversation punctuated by bursts of gregarious laughter, mostly on Fassbender’s part.

The next morning, Pitt was out of there right away, skipping out of the 12 Years A Slave TIFF press conference, having done enough, for now, to give the film the head start it now has on award season.

As for how he looked – the face was pretty full. The body wasn’t full – he’s still quite lean – but the face was pretty full. I’ll leave it to you to decide how it got that way. 

Also attached:  Michael Fassbender at the same premiere.