The Jolie is off on a humanitarian mission. Brad Pitt then is back in LA looking after their children. He apparently took them to the movies the other day, and last night he went out for dinner with a friend (man). This is one of those rare occasions when Brad’s gait, and he has a great gait, isn’t photographed at its best. According to the photographer Brad was in a great mood, kinda doing this jokey, hide-and-seek thing with his folder. See? That’s the problem right there. No one looks good when they’re hamming. Not even Brad Pitt.

Anyway, can we talk about his hair?

I really love it. Like, even for me. Look at it from the back. That’s a perfect short modern bob! The way it flips there at the end? Hot. Lately he has been so, so, SO hot. But should he be Marc Antony? Angelina is playing Cleopatra in the adaptation of Stacy Schiff’s biography. I guess it depends, for me, on how closely the screenplay mirrors the source material. I mean, it’s not exactly a romance. It’s definitely not Taylor Burton styles. It’s totally not Mr & Mrs Smith. This is very much about Her. Her mind, her strategy, her dispassionate approach to many of her relationships - it’s a really good book, you should check it out, but in many ways, Antony is very secondary, almost tertiary, which I’m sure Star and Life & Style would have a field day with.

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