Last night in Berlin – Brad Pitt meets other cast members working on Inglorious Bastards with Quentin Tarantino, said to be his most exciting script since, yes, Pulp Fiction.

Brad begins preparation on the film amid more rumours that he and Angelina are on the outs, with UK gossips jumping on the frenzy today (citing Star Magazine as the source for f&ck’s sake!) claiming that Angie has issued an ultimatum on the heels of his hookup with Jennifer Aniston in Toronto during TIFF.

Problem: it’s been widely confirmed…there was no hook up.

As for why Angelina hasn’t been seen in ages – again, as it always is with the Brange, it’s about strategy.

The Changeling opens October 24th. The premiere will go around a week before…and why saturate the market with so many shots when a hugely hyped post twin “unveil” on her own red carpet can help with her movie AND dominate the headlines? Bet your boob job Clint Eastwood loves the strategy. Isn’t it always strategy?


Don’t tell me these two don’t play the game. They play it better than anyone else. Which is why the tabloids can never keep up.

PS. Also attached – Diane Kruger who’ll be away from Joshua Jackson for the duration of the shoot. Therefore a no brainer. Next week’s Life & Style will feature Brad and Diane having an affair.

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