Brad Pitt covers the new issue of Interview interviewed by his friend Guy Ritchie. I’m into this photo shoot, not because he looks particularly good, but because it’s play and it’s interesting visually to see Brad Pitt play -- the Rastafarian, the gangster in a Liberace jacket, the stoner. Oh, the stoner. Brad used to smoke a lot. When he was married to Jennifer Aniston they smoked together, a lot. I wonder now that he has children whether or not he smokes as much. If he came over to my place, I’d know exactly what to offer him. Our freezer is well stocked with several blends.

As expected, there’s nothing terribly gossipy in the discussion. It’s all work talk, flirting with pretention but nothing super Franco. In fact, I did enjoy how he and Ritchie went back and forth about the mechanics of filmmaking, almost as though it were sport. You change the vocabulary slightly and it could be two golfers talking about their swings, about approaching a certain putt, about how they arrived at their club selection. In this sense, when artists speak about their work in these terms, that are tangible and grounded, it takes away that airy fairy arty eyerolly-ness that often characterises celebrity interviews. Of note -- Pitt’s response to a question about World War Z.

“We've got some tidying up to do there, but that one is gonna be big and entertaining. My boys are gonna love it.”

His boys are young. Is this a kids’ movie? I can feel Sarah from Cinesnark raging from here. Zombies aren’t for kids!

Oh look! Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston making news at the same time this week! ALL coincidence, NO conspiracy!

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