First up, click here. You need to spend a few minutes there. It’s the Brange and their children and what’s evidently their morning routine at their residence in Hungary, corralling their children in the yard as Brad Pitt enjoys his morning coffee in a bathrobe and silk pyjama bottoms.

I mean...

Take your time.

And then back here, where I’m posting more shots of the two on set yesterday getting close and eating lunch together and Angelina walking around in a tight black dress with her big breasts.

As for those emails you’ve been sending me – the controversy surrounding this film and the protests about the script, let’s break this down:

Originally they were supposed to shoot in Bosnia. The Bosnian culture minister revoked the permit allowing them to film there, which is why they’re in Budapest, after complaints were filed about the subject matter: a love story between a Muslim victim and her rapist by the Women Victims of War Association. That report comes from the AFP and, well, it’s really not clear how reliable that source is. AFP is not the Associated Press, and doesn’t carry the same reputation. This is especially relevant when you consider that Reuters offers a slightly different version.

According to Reuters, the production permit was revoked because the paperwork was incomplete. Further, a script was never submitted with the paperwork, which was a requirement. So the production company will be reapplying with the proper documentation. The production company also insists that "(t)he film has nothing to do with the allegation made by this women's association. As we said before, it is only a love story". And Reuters reports that it is unclear whether or not the women’s association had even read the script.

The Jolie has also offered to meet with the women’s association to discuss the content. She wrote a letter to them read by the United Nations Refugee Agency urging, "Don't judge me before you see the film.”

Click here to read the Reuters article. It is indeed slightly different from the AFP one, right?

So where are we now?

Who do you believe?

Look, if the film is actually what it’s being accused to be about, by all means, let’s ride her ass and totally go for it, as many of you have encouraged. You want to vilify her on those grounds – absolutely... if you’re sure about the script.

But I’ve not seen the script. It’s uncertain who actually has seen the script aside from those involved in production. So I’m wondering if maybe we should hang out for while, chill before we put our stabbing suits on...?

Is this a colossal Brange coverup? Could be. Always a possibility when it comes to these two. This is why they are the masters at this game. But whatever they cover up is eventually coming out in the movie anyway, right? And then when we know the movie is offensive and cruel and insensitive (if in fact it ends being that), then you should pull her hair and spit in her face, if that’s what you want.

But right now, with gaps in information, perhaps finding out more is a better idea. Or not. Like I always say, gossip is a buffet. You go ahead and choose: the stabbing suit or the wait approach?

What is for sure however is the textbook trademark Brange strategery. They were kissy and lovey and happy and the paps were around yesterday and this story was just breaking. Coincidence or conspiracy?

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