Brad Pitt introduced Rihanna at her first Diamond Ball in support of her charity, The Clara Lionel Foundation, last night. It was…awkward?

Is it because most of the time, when we see our entertainers, in film and on television, they’re presented to us after months, sometimes years, of direction and technical adjustment with an entire team behind them, protecting them, making them look good. Not everyone can freestyle without that assistance. Robert Downey Jr is great at it. George Clooney’s not bad either.

Brad Pitt?

Well, if we’re going by this example, it’s not one of Brad Pitt’s skills. He sounds like…he sounds like a dad giving a speech full of bad jokes at his child’s wedding. I cringed. A lot. See for yourself. Just Jared has video of it:

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the event. He and Brad greeted each other warmly. Why wouldn’t they? I mean, only a c-nty gossip would be thinking about how Kimmel is very tight with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, right? Kimmel has to be a member of the Team Aniston celebrity conglomerate. You’ll recall he had her on his show recently and put the Oscar possibility right on the table. I mean, technically that has nothing to do with Brad but…well… you know. YOU KNOW.