She is besties with Jennifer Aniston. Once a week they cry together over the phone. Which is why it’s been reported that she shunned the Brange in favour of her friend. But Benjamin Button is said by many to be the season’s top contender for Oscar. And how can a possible future Oscar winner NOT be featured on the Mighty Opes?

According to her website, Brad Pitt will be back on Oprah Winfrey some time this month. Cate Blanchett will likely also be with him as she’s opening up the opportunity to her viewers to ask Brad and Cate anything they like. Click here for Brad and here for Cate.

Needless to say, the publicists probably went back and forth for weeks before agreeing to this one. Contrary to popular belief, because it’s so easy pinning the bitch on the female, it is Brad who is the control freak. And there is no way he’ll let Opesy go Aniston on his ass…

Show date has yet to be announced but it’ll be a star-studded November for Oprah. Will Smith, Beyonce, and also Nicole Kidman are all expected.

So will he ask Granny about the Freeze?


Since when does Oprah ever ask what you really want to know?

Flashback to Brad with Opes promoting Troy when he and Jennifer Aniston were still married. Damn that was a bad movie. Really, really, really bad. But he looked so great then. And how he’s always licking his lips, his little boogie dance when he’s imitating Stedman, his hilarious reaction about Meet Joe Black, the impending midlife crisis, please bring Ben and JLo back, what he says about wanting children, about the warmth surrounding his wife at the time, how he felt about her, then his arguments with her, his foretelling of their end… it’s all a fascinating looking back. If you have the time. PS. The way Opes ignores Eric Bana is epic.

Also attached – a sizzling Angelina Jolie on the cover of UK Harpers Bazaar.

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