Brad Pitt on the cover of the new issue of W. That hair. I am feeling the hair. And I don’t normally feel long hair on a man. But Tristan Ludlow was a universal quiver. I can’t even google the images without feeling almost hysterical with desire.

It’s been 17 years. It’s not quite as long as it was in Legends Of The Fall. But the suggestion is there. He’s just older and he wears nicer clothes. This is why Brad Pitt is The Brad Pitt. This is why there has yet to come a male celebrity who has captured the female collective quite the way he has.

Oh! And just in time for award season, imagine that?

Lynn Hirschberg interviewed him for the article. You know those actors who are so self conscious they can’t watch themselves? This does not apply to Brad Pitt:

Do you have trouble watching yourself die?
God, no. I’m just checking the boxes. Hit that. Missed that. Hit that moment. Missed that one. God, I’d like to do that one again.

Do you really have characters that you’d like to do over?
Um...the first 12 years of my career, I would think.

How is this the same man the tabloids insist is under the control of the evil haranguing Jolie? How many times have I told you, he is a control freak, just as much as she? That this is a man with a very clear, very deliberate approach to his career and his personal life, all driven by a massive ego. Brad Pitt isn’t getting pushed around in his house. Rather, their fights must be nuclear. And when they make up...

Oh my God, it’s Tristan Ludlow and Lara Croft all wrapped around and on top of each other.

Bring that, just a taste, to the Golden Globes. Please.

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