The first full trailer for Fury, starring Brad Pitt, Michael Pena, Logan Lerman, and Shia LaBeouf was released today. I can rarely sit through a war movie – and I suppose that’s how you’re supposed to feel. But…not to sound like an insensitive c-nt…

Brad Pitt’s character’s name is Wardaddy.

I’m an immature child.

Still. Wardaddy.

See now all I can hear is Angelina Jolie calling him that.

Fury comes out November 14. So they’re aiming for holiday box office and, of course, award season. Holy sh-t, how active will Brange be this award season? Because Unbroken, Fury, and Selma (I guess it’s about the one word titles) are all said to be possible contenders. Wardaddy and Maleficent are coming at us hard this year.