It was a big ass headline around the world yesterday when Brad Pitt said he’d be done with the acting in 3 years. Then Brad went to Korea and clarified his comments. He said his retirement date isn’t exact but that he does enjoy producing and one day it’ll happen although Brangelunatics don’t need to panic yet.


He also insisted that, contrary to what I wrote yesterday about when his looks will go (click here for a refresher), that he’s ok with aging because it comes with wisdom or something. Like he doesn’t miss youth.

"Me, personally I like aging. With age comes wisdom and I have said it before and I say it again, I will take wisdom over youth any day. I think certainly, being a father has changed everything for me as far as perspective and interest, taking care of myself and wanting to be around for them.”

In other words, he’s not really that vain.


So he recycles khakis from the Gap all the time and doesn’t ring up Tom Ford for the monthly specials? Give him a combination eyeroll with your mouth open. He deserves one here.

But yay that’s he’s not going away, right? Gossip is better when Brange is around. We all win, remember.

And that’s both of them. So in Angelina Jolie news...

She’s apparently just signed with Ryan Gosling’s agent because she wants to find more independent acting projects as opposed to big blockbustery action pictures.

Like what a dumb f-ck I was for ever even considering the possibility that these two would willingly take themselves out of the game.

PS. He’s so hot right now with that hair and those glasses, I can’t actually stand it.