As you know, several celebrity weeklies missed the Brange breakup on their covers because Angelina Jolie decided to let the Emmys breathe before dropping the news that she filed for divorce. PEOPLE’s original cover last week was about Michael Strahan which, unfortunately for him, nobody gave a sh-t about. So PEOPLE went with a “crash cover” midway through the week to capitalise on the split. There’s no doubt then that this week almost every magazine will be Brange heavy. And, given the headlines so far, the headlines will probably be sensational. Some of the lower tier publications might drag up the drug use rumours. At least one will likely go with a cheating angle. Jennifer Aniston might make an appearance. And I’m sure we’ll hear about how evil Angie nagged Brad all day to the point where he had to start drinking.

Brad has now had almost a week to reorganise and come up with a battle plan. We’ve seen him mobilise already with his sources telling PEOPLE that he did indeed have an intense argument that involved Maddox but that he did not strike his son in the face and did not go “nose to nose” with him, although those details were mysteriously removed later on. PEOPLE then followed with another article about what a great dad he is.

After trying to address the allegations that he may have not had the best relationship with some of his kids, Brad can now aim directly for Angelina. He’s starting soft…but it’s unmistakable. US Weekly reported this weekend that Angie’s cut him off and is refusing his calls his texts. US Weekly also reported that Brad is “devastated” and a “shattered man”. The idea here, obviously, is to elicit your sympathy. He’s been weeping. He’s Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, wrapped in a blanket curled up in bed, crying over his loss. And once you start feeling sorry for him, he’s going to start punching. If last week was Round 1, Angelina had the edge. This week, however, is Round 2. And Brad is trying to even up the bout. Watch. I’m expecting him to come out swinging hard.