Brad Pitt stayed deep undercover in the weeks that followed the news that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce. What was he doing all that time? His sources spent a lot of time telling PEOPLE and other media outlets that he was worrying about his kids, thinking about his kids. Of course. But also, a little bit of time with the tailor, right? Because there was no way he was going to come out on this Allied press tour looking shaggy, wearing tinted glasses, and weirdly puffy in the face. The MiniVan Majority finally has him back after losing him to their worst nightmare for over a decade. To sell this movie, it’s important that they remember him as the two-time Sexiest Man Alive. It’s amazing what we’ve been conditioned to allow for in a beautiful man. The devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape.

Brad has been wearing the sh-t out of his suits – here’s another one last night at the UK premiere – and he’s as lean as he’s been in as many years, no bloat in the face. Perhaps the result of a few beauty treatments before this series of red carpets and…maybe… abstinence? Not from sex but from substance.

Can we talk about how much I love Marion Cotillard’s dress with the waist curtain? The key here is the pockets. When she puts her hands in the pockets, the effect is like she’s wearing a coat.