Brad Pitt took his youngest to the park yesterday in Hollywood. Vivienne and Knox have matching hairstyles. Very cute. So beautiful. And so very similar to their big sister the Chosen One Shiloh although Vivs seems to subscribe more to bigger sister Miss Zahara’s style preferences. Click here to see those photos.

The main focus of this post however is how f-cking HOT he is to me right now. I can hear you bitches nattering from here about Brad’s hair and how you’re not into it. I SO am. This is Brad leaving Beso, Eva Longoria’s restaurant, last night after dinner. Courteney Cox happened to be there too. It was not on purpose and it’s not known if they even acknowledged each other but I promise you one of the bullsh-t rags In Touch or Star or Life & Style will make up some story about how they met there because Courteney is the go-between for him and Jennifer Aniston and that must mean they’re on it again. They are not on it again. He will however be on it and all over it with the Jolie on the tapis rouge next week in Cannes where both of them are presenting new projects – Kung Fu Panda 2 for her and Tree of Life for him. Pitt Porn! Apparently that massive chateau they have over there is undergoing major renovations, getting ready for the Family visit.

Anyway, can we talk about how hot he is again? It’s everything. It’s the way he’s always, like, chewing gum or something. He has a great thing with his mouth, non? And of course, it’s never a bad pair of pants, it’s never an ill-fitting shirt, it’s never too Try and it’s never not Try enough. Also, maybe it’s because I namechecked Charlie Hunnam earlier and it’s top of mind but sometimes, in certain scenes from Sons of Anarchy, the similarity is striking. Not just in appearance but in mannerism. There’s this thing that Hunnam does when he’s thinking of what to say in character and he looks up with his mouth slightly ajar and it’s almost exactly Brad in Meet Joe Black. I don’t think I would make it through an entire movie with the two of them together. Like, if they were to shoot them, walking side by said, down some street, Oceans 11 styles in great clothes and sunglasses? Please. Now.

One small complaint: Brad apparently went to see James Blunt perform last night. Gross. James Blunt, really?

Photos from INF