’s time to the cut the hair.

Here’s Brad Pitt last night at the NY premiere of World War Z. We were talking yesterday about Brad Pitt’s Carb Face Hustle and whether or not it’s filler, which is what I think. Because his neck is the same size and his body changes don’t correspond to his face expansion. And no matter how much contouring his makeup artist is trying, the extra anti-aging padding is still there. When you combine that with the long hair, well, the effect is...

As a reader called Emily suggested yesterday -- Brad Pitt Axl Rose? Others think it’s more Brad Pitt Val Kilmer.

Check out the side by side by side:

Again, maybe it’s time to cut the hair.

I didn’t used to mind the hair. At least not before the hair was connecting Brad Pitt to Axl Rose. Now that the hair is making me associate Brad Pitt with Axl Rose, the hair has to go. Is he hanging onto the hair because he feels like it makes him feel like he’s erasing 20 years?

In other Brange news, Pitt told Page Six that she wasn’t with him last night because she was with their kids and preparing to travel for UN World Refugee Day on June 20. June 20 is also the day Pitt is scheduled to open the Moscow Film Festival. I was hoping she’d be there with him. The Russians LOVE the Jolie. And we could have used a hit of Russian Pitt Porn. That’s not to say it won’t happen. World War Z could benefit too from fresh porn a day before it opens.

Also attached -- Axl in New York last week, apparently at a garage sale.