Come on…you don’t think so? You don’t see a little old school Thelma & Louise happening here? Really?

These are shots of Brad Pitt shooting Cogan’s Trade in New Orleans on Friday and Saturday. Look at his pretty boy pose in the series of photos taken at night. It’s the way he posed in the early part of his career. Before the days when you couldn’t tell Brad Pitt what to do.

I wonder if he smokes through this whole movie. And I wonder how long it’s going to be before Star Magazine, or the like, blares on its cover that Angelina has thrown down a Quit Smoking or I’ll Take the Kids ultimatum on his ass. Right now they have nothing else to go on.

You know what else I’ve always liked about him? I like that tufts of chest hair don’t rise out of his v-neck. I’m not saying that I like thinking about what needs to happen to make sure that doesn’t happen, but still, the effort is appreciated.

Photos from StClair/Massie/