You know Brad Pitt fancies himself a photographer now. You’ve seen him all up on the Jolie’s Hungarian set, taking arty photos of her in her directorial debut. But now X17 claims that Brad has lost his camera, valued at over $20K. There were personal photos on the card.



Please let that sh-t get into the hands of News of the World. Or something. And please make it Pitt Porn! Chances are though it’ll be boring. Like pictures of the children. The story however is jackpot for the tabloids, especially leading into Thanksgiving.

“Brad and Angelina lose camera – and their drug use photos!”

“Brad and Angelina try to find camera – and their threesome pictures!”

“Brad and Angelina panic – their ties to the terrorism and the photos that could prove it!”

As for her Bosnian love story film, it was reported last week that the Jolie has cut short her shoot schedule in Bosnia, this on the heels of all that drama stirred up over bullsh-t claims that her movie was about the relationship between a woman and her rapist. She’s been trying though to improve the public image of her project – here’s a new interview with a Hungarian newspaper. She says she and Brad Pitt part-funded the film, and that she started writing the screenplay when she was sick with the flu one day and couldn’t be around her kids. There’s also a lot of gushing about how down to earth she is and whatever.

But this is the part I found most interesting:

Why do you keep referring to Yugoslavia, a country that doesn`t exist anymore?
Jolie: Because when I asked all these people in this film what`s your nationality or where you`re from even in the casting tapes, they`d say I was born in Yugoslavia. Now I`m something somebody tells me I am, but I was born Yugoslavian. Now a lot of them on paper are one thing or another or some even have to check "other" on forms because their parents are from different backgrounds. So now they`re Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, but then and at birth they were Yugoslavian.

Which reminds me of a show I just watched this weekend, and brings me to the real reason I wanted to write this post. I have a few things programmed to automatically record on my PVR. One of them is ESPN’s 30 for 30 series featuring some of the best sports documentaries ever made in celebration of ESPN’s 30th anniversary, telling some of the most beloved and also the most obscure stories in sport. In Canada, 30 for 30 is broadcast on TSN and this weekend they happened to air Once Brothers, about Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic, teammates and close friends, part of that gifted Yugoslavian national basketball team, who were torn apart by the civil war.

And remember Toni Kukoc? There’s a lot of Toni Kukoc and Dino Radja in this too. It’s not just for those who grew up watching ball in that era either. This is a riveting movie. Heartbreaking, intense, controversial, and without the Brange all over it. Click here if you still want to read Angelina’s interview.

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