There are some of you who insist that you’re over the Brange. That you don’t get the frenzy. The mass hysteria.

You are in the minority.

When we were in LA the other day, we had a meeting with a powerful PR dude, runs several high profile events, is connected in Hollywood and Washington, super smart…etc. And we were talking about President Obama and how popular he is, a total rock star, and we compared the excitement over Obama to the Brange and that Obama eclipses the Brange and he was like…


In certain circles, absolutely. Obviously.

But in other circles, it’s comparable.

HOLD UP. Don’t freak out. Some of you love to jump to conclusions before reading things through. WAIT. Am NOT saying Pitt is better than Obama. Nor even in the same breath. RELAX. CALM DOWN. STEP BACK FROM THE SEND KEY.

Just observing that the hysteria surrounding the Brange can occasionally (occasionally means not very often but sometimes, not all the time) be the same. Case in point – today on Capitol Hill. He was there for Make It Right, a meeting with Nancy Pelosi.

Apparently they lost their sh-t.

It was described to me as follows: “Staffers were gasping and screaming like stupid Twilight fans”. Pages were running down back stairwells to get a glimpse of him. These are people with serious jobs, serious issues to address, like the economic crisis, and Brad Pitt comes into the building and everyone melts down!

Amazing, non?

John Kerry’s office manager actually waved a sign in Brad’s face to take a photo for her daughter. It was a spectacle. And it was covered in The Hill too.

You say he’s just a movie star?

He’s not just a movie star.

He is Brad Pitt.

He and Angelina Jolie cause riots at the Toronto International Film Festival. One crazy woman put her baby up to their car window for a blessing.
And this is why it was observed that he had more security with him in DC today than Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

But he looks amazing in that suit, non?

Suit for suit, man for man, Brad or Becks?

Updating the poll. Check it.

Thanks S!

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