Where was Chanel last night at the Met Gala? Why was Karl so underrepresented?

E! News is reporting that Chanel No 5 has signed Brad Pitt as the face of the fragrance. Apparently the deal is worth 7 figures and he’ll shoot the ad in London some time this month.  As of this writing the Brange has not confirmed or denied.

For some reason this reminded me of old school Brad - and I don’t mean Tristan Ludlow or Thelma & Louise, well, actually, sort of Thelma & Louise - and how far he’s come. In addition to being the No 5 man, as you know, he’s also an art and architecture person now. So refined... but not always.

Have you ever seen Brad’s first interview with Entertainment Tonight from 1990? He was 26, the same age Lindsay Lohan is now. He was a PUNK. Who became the face of Chanel No 5. I...can’t explain. You just have to watch. We are all assholes at some point. How thankful are you that you weren’t giving interviews when you were at your most dickheady and annoying?