Angelina Jolie wrapped on a movie with Johnny Depp, now it’s time for Brad Pitt to go to work while she hangs back with the children. Work means no nasty beard. And here’s Brad on the set of Moneyball the other day with that sh-t off his face. SO.Much.Hotter.

Am totally re-obsessed with Pitt after staying in sick and watching him at his classic peak last week in Legends of the Fall. That movie is a dangerous quiver. Reminded me how great he is at love scenes. He’s amazing at love scenes. His love scene in Meet Joe Black was probably the only redeeming scene in the entire movie, almost – not quite – but almost made up for his patois in the hospital. I just laughed out loud remembering that.

One day they should release the raw footage of his love scenes from Mr & Mrs Smith with the Jolie. Please.


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