Arguments for:
-He and Angelina Jolie got married
-Award season. A push for Fury
-His hair looks better
-His activism: Brad Pitt doesn’t just sit around and smoke weed anymore (that much)
-He’s devoted to his children. The MiniVan Majority loves that.
-He’s a two time SMA. If anyone can go for a third, it’s him.

Arguments against:
-Some members of the MiniVan Majority still haven’t forgiven him for leaving Jennifer Aniston
-Sometimes his hair still looks ridiculous and he wears dumb hats
-He doesn’t need a third title
-He’s not interested in this sh-t anymore (so he says). Finally he’s being talked about as a fine actor, as a passionate filmmaker. The Sexiest Man Alive doesn’t fit with the brand.

Odds: 18 to 1

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