On Friday I called it a Brange takeover when VOGUE released the Angelina Jolie cover and the interview, in which it was confirmed that London is home for them now. And that’s where we find Brad Pitt, last week, on the set of War Machine (his Netflix movie), with Vivienne and Knox, in camo costume, with his hair trimmed tidy, neatly combed to the side, and totally grey.

I don’t hate it.

Then again, I didn’t hate it when he went platinum blonde either.

But does this mean he’ll be grey when they show up at the AFI Fest opening night premiere for By The Sea in 3 weeks? And whatever press obligations afterwards?

This is how they’ll keep hitting us, see? That’s why it’s a takeover. Whether it’s VOGUE with all the kids or the hair colour, for the next few weeks, they’ll continue to give us something to talk about. It’s already been such a great year for gossip. And it’s not over. Now it’s Brange time.