What was the bigger blow to Angelina Jolie last week? The Sony email leaks or the fact that she didn’t get nominated for a Golden Globe when Jennifer Aniston did? Just some perspective now on the Sony emails – we all know now what Scott Rudin thinks of her and that even though he claimed he’d have no problem telling her to f-ck off over Cleopatra himself, he kinda tried to bully Amy Pascal into doing it for him. That was in February.

What’s getting very little publicity however is what happened 6 months later, after Maleficent was a big ass deal. Turns out, though Rudin wasn’t involved in any of the Cleopatra emails that followed, Pascal was still trying to make it happen. Which means the Jolie was still working it. And it seemed to have some momentum. Because the Sony email leaks reveal that both Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese were both interested.

Here’s a message to Amy Pascal on behalf of Coppola:

And here’s a message about Martin Scorsese from just a month ago, in November. Note that in addition to Scorsese considering it, Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio were also mentioned as possibilities to co-star with Angelina.

So even though Scott Rudin wasn’t feeling it, somehow the Jolie was able to go from David Fincher to Martin Scorsese with a bonus of DDL and Leo…? That’s not a position of weakness. A month ago. Given the fallout now though, both Cleopatra AND the Jobs movie are probably low priorities for everyone.

For some reason, this information – about Scorsese and DDL and Leo – hasn’t been making headlines. And I’m not sure why. To me, it’s just as insightful as the rest of it.

Also insightful…

Brad Pitt “wigging out” over Fury. In August he screened a cut of the film and was so unhappy he was threatening not to promote it:

Later on, Brad wrote back to Amy Pascal, having watched it again “in a calm state” – his words – and seemed to back off his pouting.

I have some issues here with his use of the word “egregious”. Maybe he was trying to say “aggrieved”? The “Cynthia” being referred to here is his manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante. So Brad Pitt was so pissed about Fury he supposedly told his manager he would refuse press obligations over it?

Again, these messages aren’t getting the traction that the previous ones have, even though they’re just as fascinating (at least to me). There’s more than one “spoiled brat” in Hollywood, non?