Brad Pitt presented this weekend at the Palm Springs Film Festival to David Oyelowo. He’s a producer on Selma. And Selma is coming on well as a contender for Best Film and Best Director (Ava DuVernay). Have you seen it yet? It’s coming to more theatres this weekend. It’s worth it. For everyone it’s worth it. And Brad Pitt’s involvement, along with Oprah, was certainly a factor in putting the film together. So he’s representing, the way he represented 12 Years A Slave last year. Only last year, he wasn’t playing the part of Bad Joke Dad.

We first saw Bad Joke Dad Brad at Rihanna’s inaugural benefit ball. Click here for a refresher. It was super awkward. This time… I mean… there’s singing. And, I dunno, is that the joke now? It’s funny when someone’s last name isn’t Smith? I guess for that audience, old white men in Palm Springs, and their wives, it would have been. He meant well, there’s no doubt. But when in doubt, always check with Patrick Stewart. His face at 1:35 says it all.

You’ll note, Brad’s nails were painted different colours. Likely the fine work of his children.