Have been receiving messages all week from New Zealand similar to the one from Siobhan below:

Dear Lainey,

I live in Wellington New Zealand. Apparently Brad Pitt was/is here. I highly bloody doubt that Brad Pitt was at the Indian restaurant I go to every Saturday.

Here: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10661356

Please tell us whether or not he was here & put us out of our misery.


So there’s an Indian restaurant called Tulsi and some dude wearing a cap came for dinner the other night with director Peter Jackson (maybe) that could have been Brad but they’re not totally sure. Even the staff and the owners can’t confirm. You can see though, given his star power, how even the possibility of him being there can turn into a national headline.

As you know, the Brange, when they want to be, are mysterious movers. Pitt’s alleged trip to New Zealand however coincided with Angelina’s Salt tour of Russia and Asia with four of their six children. Nothing, obviously, is improbable but at the same time, considering who he is, and his stature, and his ego, does Brad Pitt need to fly that far to take a meeting with Peter Jackson, especially when he’s balls deep working on a new movie?

Brad has remained committed to Moneyball despite financial setbacks that killed the first iteration of the movie several months ago. Word is he, along with several others, even agreed to a paycut to get the movie made. As such, f-cking around with a long distance trip in the middle of production might not be the best example on this particular set.

But while no one can say for sure whether or not Brad was in New Zealand, it is certain that he was at the Oakland Coliseum last night. In California. No pap photos but there were many, many extras hired for the scene they were shooting and a lot of them tweeted about seeing Brad visited by none other than Angelina Jolie. Apparently he had his arm around her at one point. Both looked very happy to be together. There’s a grainy photo of it here. Thanks V!

As for that Morton book and the cover of Star Magazine this week from the Jolie’s past and her time using heroin – titillating, I guess, but also not new. She herself has been forthcoming about her dark youthful exploits. And then, as we all know because she won’t shut up about it, her baby saved her life. Please, that’s the f-cking point, that’s how she became Mother Theresa Angelina.

So is that all? Because everyone else needs to know about the sh-t that went down post-Brad and Aniston. How much sex was happening in Africa? How hard did Brad cry the first time Maddox called him Pa? What did Angie do the first time Jen drunk dialled Brad? Does she tie up him up and emasculate him and make him watch as she nails every dude on their security staff and the personal chef? Does she shoot smack into baby bottles and mistakenly feed them to the kids?

I mean, that’s the sh-t they say about her right now: that she’s still a junkie, that she abuses her children, that she tortures him...

Please tell me we’ll get some of that.

Because if the best they can do is dig up dirt from before Brad, when she was widely acknowledged to be f-cked up anyway, how does this hurt her when now she can answer that those days are gone because she’s finally found love and family? It almost ... plays right into her game.

Anyway, I’m reposting a few shots of them at the Salt LA premiere because she’s looked like ass all week and those photos aren’t nearly as jizzy as these ones.

Photos from Wenn.com