Brad Pitt was interviewed by 60 Minutes in Australia. When Beyonce interviewed with the same outlet, her baby bump became a worldwide conspiracy. It’s not quite the same this time with Brad Pitt. Having said that, when it comes to Brange, there’s always an ulterior motive, isn’t there?

(Well, maybe Ann doesn’t think so.)

Watch the full interview here if you have the time. I want his glasses. He looks great in those glasses.

The parts that are stimulating the most intrigue are about children and about retirement. In short, they might have more and he’s thinking of going behind the camera permanently in 3 years when he turns 50. So...

Please give him his Oscar soon.

Is that what you’re saying?

Brad suggests that the producing is more rewarding than the acting, and I don’t doubt that he believes it. But there’s also vanity, non? After a certain point, I don’t know that Brad Pitt can handle seeing Brad Pitt aging on screen.

Brad is an artist! He doesn’t care about his looks!

If that just came out of your brain, why are you reading my column???

So will he really retire in 3 years? Is that it?

Maybe it depends on how he looks in 3 years, how about that?

He’s looking very, very, very good right now though. Good enough for a Mr & Mrs Smith 2 and 3. Maybe that’s how they cash out. $50 million each plus a cut of the back end and dvd etc etc etc and they’re done. Just in time for Maddox to hit puberty.

Attached - here are some photos of Pitt at the Moneyball presser in Japan last week that I never posted. Hot.